Thursday, November 29, 2007

W.I.P - Kotobukiya Armored Core Crest CR-C90U3 Dual Face Ver.

I was building my model kit one night and I thought - since I haven't blogged in a while; and I never seem to have posted any blog on my wip projects, I'd do a post on it this time. So here, this is a post on one of my mecha model kit wip(work in progress). The star of this post is the Armored Core Crest CR-C90U3 (Dual Face Version).

For the uninitiated, Armored Core is a popular console mecha game where players are allowed to customize virtually every aspect of their lean mean fighting machine. Although I personally have not played this game before, I find the mecha designs to be exquisite. The CR90U3, specifically the dual face version caught my heart the moment I saw it. Luckily XL-Shop carried one last box and I snatched it up, hiaks hiaks.

I'll have to say, when I started building the kit, I am swamped by the amount of parts that this kit offers! There's gotta be like 200? 300 parts? Gosh, imagine when I get to the Gundam PGs... my friend told me there's like 600 parts to those Gundam PGs!

Ok then, without further ado, let the pics speaks for itself.

My work bench is covered by parts from the kit. Those boxes at the right on the floor aren't junk, those are the parts of the kits as well. No room on the table liao!!

Close up look. Awww, ZakuSD, FreedomHead, Patlabor and VF-1S are watching tentatively over the 'production' of CR-903U.

See those small grey bolts, those are separate parts which have to be detached from the runners and snapped into the main part one-by-one!! And they're like 5mm in diameter each!!

That round bolt in front is not part of the bigger piece, it's a separate part!! ZMOG!!

This leg alone probly consists of aorund 30-50 parts. That's a lot to me.

Look at 'em joints! Gosh so much detail put into the design! Haha, you can also see clearly I haven't clean the stubs left by the runners.

Well, I've come to love the feeling of building model kits. Especially in a quiet night. I'd sit in the empty living room, my full concentration on constructing the kits. The world around me totally shut off from my consciousness. Part by part, slowly inching towards completion. >.< I am so glad I found this hobby! And I am deeply thankful, and greatly humbled by the people who brought this hobby to the peoples.

Next up, these lovely 1/144 Macross Valkrie replicas. <3!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Perfect World (完美世界) Event at TBun Genting Klang

The popular MMORPG (Massively Multi Player Online Role Playing Game) - Perfect World which is said to stand alongside World of Warcraft is going to get a English translation. (It was originally developed in Chinese). To spread news and hype, the company Cubisoft, which is responsible for the distribution of the game in Malaysia held a tour all around Malaysia.

My collegue Wayne , who is also a PW player took my attention to the event that they are going to organize at a place near to where we live. The event was held at a cyber cafe called TBun and is located in Genting Klang. There are competitions, lucky draws etc. After makan-ing at KFC with my collegue/junior (Wayne also happen to have studied in Inti and took the same course as me so that makes me senpai, muahaha. Right Wayne? =P)

Where ya lookin' at Wayne?

Gosh, those look... heavy! Mmmm, warrior babes... I wonder if...

Right now the English server is still not operational. Well Wayne, guess we'll have to wait. And John, hope your fire won't burn out before the server opens. Dang, I'll stay content with Pangya for now. =_="

World GameMaster Tournament (WGT) Malaysia 2007

The WGT was held from the 26th to the 28th of October 2007. Held at OneUtama shopping mall, not the most 'accesible' locale(due to the lack of LRT's, which is the bulk of transport most ppl use) compared to other more friendly locations like KL Convention Center or even the MidValley which the WCG 2007 was hosted.

Mmm, all orange. Me likes orange.

This happens to be the first ever WGT in Malaysia, and I'm a part of it... Well, at least the joining part, not the winning part. XD

I joined the competitions for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne of the torunament. Since the game's release 5 years ago, I've been casually playing it. From the campaign missions, to online play of customa maps, '3 Corridors' back when I was in INTI, to the recent Dota. Never have I really 'seriously' played the melee mode, up until now.

Moar orange

My Warcraft 3 sensei Hofa gave me some comprehensive teachings before the game. Alas, a few days of intensive training can't save this poor student. I was paired up with one of the top playes in Malaysia and was gracefully eliminated during the 32 player elimination round. And I even applied a one day annual leave from work for it! >.<

Well how can an event be without some booth babes eh? Haha, I was anticipating some sorts of booth babe since this is a sponsored event so I went there prepared with my trusty ol' Canon S5. Snaped some pics. Yes yes, I know my camera skillz are still lacking... I'll improve. Maybe.

Camo outfit + babe = win! She said its the first time she's representing a booth. No worries girl, you are stunning, bright future!

Woot, enjoy Intel 'Core 2 Duo'. Hiaks hiaks. I sure wouldn't mind '2 cores' runnin' on my 'pc'. Lol... =_=" Just jk, no offence ya? Ahh, it's good that this male monopolised event has some beauties to grace it's grounds.

Okay, perv jokes aside, all in all, it's been a refreshing experience. It has been quite some time since I've felt adrenalin pumping through my veins; and the chill that runs down my spine facing off with an opponent.

I will definitely want to join more competitions from now on.

Warcraft sensei Hofa. A hundred thanks for your guidance during the training man. We shall forge an alliance in future warfare.

"A Victory today, to be defeated tommorow.
   A Lost today, to be redeemed another day.
      Fight to live, live to fight."

- Hajime on The Fight

KAIYODO REVOLTECH: Macross VF-1S Roy Folker Movie Ver.

Yeah yeah, I know, the Jack Sparrow joke and the martial art move names are cheesy. So sue me. =P All in all, had a great time posing and photo-ing those Revos. God bless Katsuhisa Yamaguchi for comin' up with the Revoltechs. Stay tuned for ep 2. Hajime siging off!