Friday, June 29, 2007

The preview

Well, since my birthday just passed 2 days ago, I thought this might be a good time to debut my blog. This post will represent the official 'birth' of my baby blog. XD

Hmm, what to expect from my blog? Well, other than the many typos and grammar erros, you will mostly see blogs about Gundam models, anime, manga, arts, etc. I will probably post up some art works - if I ever get around finishing them. And throw in some personal rants here and there, once in a while. =)

Without further ado, here is a preview of whats to come.

"I just want a room to make models! Uncompleted model kits tell me every night to make them and complete them!"

For the uninitiated, from top left:
- Gundam Fix Figuration #0013 a.k.a 'Deep Striker' (Burnt a HUGE hole in my wallet!)
- Gundam HG Hazel RX121-1 TR-1
- Gundam Fix Figuration #0034 a.k.a 'GP-03 Dendrobium'
- Gundam SD-GENERATION-0 MSA-0011S
- 1/8 scale Kosmos from Xenosaga (Alter)
- Gundam Collection GP-03(Dendrobium) vs. Neue Ziel
- Gundam EX Hildolfr

There's still a Gundam SD Dendrobium and a HG 1/550 Dendrobium hiding under my work desk. By now anyone would've already deduced that I am a Dendrobium freak. But wait, isn't there something missing you say? Yes, I know, how can I claim myself as THE Dendrobium freak when my collection seems to lack THE motherload of all Gundam Dendrobium's. Hehe, for those who know, you might just see it in my blog one day. For those who don't know what I just crapped (wtf is this dendrobium??), stay tuned and you might just find out, and fall for it one day too. ;)

An unfortunate dismembered Gundam SD Freedom lying on the work desk. (Staring at the gundam-bits-n-pieces at the top left corner is a transmetal Transformer Beastwars Optimus Primal belonged to my friend JT, and a Gundam SD Blaze Zaku Phantom)

I'll also post some 'waste-things' just to amuse myself. (Hopefully u find it amusing too lah)

Personally, I think it's about time someone came up with "Gundam VS Transformers: the ultimate Mecha Warz, the movie". Lol, that'll be golden.

Okay, so much for the preview. It's late, and I need sleep. Didn't realize blogging can be so time consuming and rather tiring. Oh well, as long as it's fun.

Well, more to come. So stay tuned, and walk beside me, as I journey through this road called life. =)


seraphangel said...

eh, what happened to my earlier comment?

Hajime said...

Hmm, must've gotten eaten... =P

deksuteru said...

Dude where do you live? I wanna steal all of them!

Hajime said...

Nooo... take my car, take my life... anything but my gundams and figures! XD

Tu!@ng Man said...

Take your everything but Gundams and figures...I think it's better to take your time to clear your pending list...kekeke!

Hajime said...

Yeah I really should. >.<