Monday, December 24, 2007

Bukit Tinggi + Genting + Bohling = Win + 150% Tiredness

This post have excessive Photoshop filter effects, viewer discretion is advised

Yup, it's what the titles says. 2 major locale visits during the day; and 1 major 'workout' at night, all in one single day. It was fun, but exhausting (the fact that I was still recuperating from seasonal influenza didn't help too).

Me, Chee, Jane(Chee's gf), Chua and Beh headed off to Bukit Tinggi in the early mornin. Upon arrival, we visited the French Town. I'll spare you the more generic photos I took there and post some more, ahem, 'interesting' shots. I hope. Here's some (post edited) pic's. My my, I went Photoshop filter crazy this time. Do comments... if you hav any ;).



"Pine conezzzz"

I call this "Hidden picture". Observe =). Would it be better if I had not added that line-art-guy? I think so.

"In silence we wait" I kinda liked the original composition of this photo. 3 of my friends was seated seperately (You can see the head of the middle chair). I guess the effects kinda messed with the lights (left side too dark). And the shot seemed kinda 'cramped', dam, wish I had a wide angle lens. =_=

Wokeh, so after the French Town, we headed to the nearby Japan Gardens. We walked around and went to a 'jungle walk' which leads to an observation deck near the Japan Gardens. Again, I'll spare you the flora shots I took there and present you with some 'alternatives'.

"Wapanese Garden". Nuff said.



The 'end' of the jungle walk. Not one of the 'artsy' shots, just kinda like how the side canopies reveal the far scene.

Well, it was near noon when we left Bukit Tinggi and headed off to Genting.

Leaving Bukit Tinggi

Went to Gotong Jaya (foothills of Genting) to taste some special treats. You guys can go try out next time when you go to Genting.

Heh, my camera stayed inside my bag from there on. Since we are going into the casino, I left my camera in the car. Basically I just 'looked around' in the casino. I don't gamble in there. =P

At night, we went to Mid-Valley to bohling. There I bought my bohling shoes. No more wearing those 'public toilet' shoes, wahaha. Me hav own shuz. Me scorez 150++.

A very fulfilling day-out. Dam, I can do this 24*7*365. If only.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Love! <3

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

YUA Season 3: Full Throttle ep.6

Okay I'll have to admit, Aoi-chan is win in this episode.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bohling, Makan, Gundam, MacBook, Makan, Home

Taken with me Canon S5 on maximum zoom... in a moving car! Image stabilizer rox!!!

I couldn't remember when was the last time I woke up at 7am-so-darn-early... on a cool Sunday mornin. No, not to deliver the morning newspaper. No, not to go jogging. But it's to go bohling! Tada! You wouldn't have guessed it right? Lol. Even my sister laughed at the idea when I told her about it.

Well, if you've been following my blog, you'd know that me and some of my pals go bohling quite frequently. So they found out a place that offers a great deal to go bohling: maximum playitme, minimum payment. The drawback is, the deal's on only on mornings. They've been goin to the session for quite sometime now, and this is the first time I'm joining them on the morning session.

After a hearty breakfast on a traditional kopi-tiam (OMG, it's been so long since I've tasted warmly cooked wantan mee in the morning >.<... it's small moments like these, makes me feel A-LIFE!), we took off to our destination for the mornin bohling sessison.

Yeah, where's me darn TURKEYYYYYY!!!??? XXX

Haha, the pic above is not a paranormal shot. Just after our initial games, the bohling center encountered a power disruption. The whole center went pitch black, and being the enthusiastic bohlers as we are, all the patrons yelled: "Boo... money back!", "Woo, extend time lor!"

In the end, the power came back on. We watched as all the other lanes come to life. And we were staring at our bohling lane's blank monitors. Then a technician walked to our terminal and fixed up some electronics. =_=" Gosh, was it our lane that tripped the power? Yikes.

Anyhow, the bohling went on until around 1 p.m. After that we went to Pudu area to eat some famous char-siew rice. Well I'll be! Those char-siew really taste good. Mayb take some shots if I go next time =). After lunch, its off to the Bandai warehouse sales... GUNDAMS!!!

上了车... means "@%$#&*, I've been god damn duped\suckered liao."

Heh, that is a partial pic of the Bandai warehouse sale at their warehouse in Cheras. Received news of it from my fellow friend/blogger John (too bad you weren't able to come down dude). I guess mayb coz I was at the last day of the sales, there weren't much Gundam models left. The pic may seem like a lot, but there isn't. Or is it just me?

Lots of other toys though. Wonders what's on those empty shelves at the back? のほほん? Dam, I want those!!

The 'warehouse' is actually just one part of the main office and the display room upstairs. There isn't much room. Even the stairs are riddled with toys.

This is what I got. Went to the lowyat area to check the retail price. Whew, I bought it cheaper during the sale. XD My first ever Gundam MG! (I'd wish it was the GP03S though.)

Anyway, after the Bandai warehouse sale, we headed off to the Lowyat area to check out some notebooks. My friend's girl friend wanted to get a MacBook. Wow. After checking out the Asus EEE pc and the MacBook, she went with the MacBook in the end. Haha. Good deal. Should've taken some pics of the MacBook, it's dam sleeeeek!

By the time I got home, it's already 9pm. Dam, I fell asleep during the ride home and was awaken by my friend when he drove over a speed bump. "So that I can wake you up!" , he said. *_*

And now here I am makin a brief blog of today's all-day-hot-weather outing. Miraculously, even as I type, I feel quite energetic. Proves that I'm still dam young, heh. Okay then peeps, until the next post, stay tuned, good night and good luck!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

W.I.P - Kotobukiya Armored Core Crest CR-C90U3 Dual Face Ver.

I was building my model kit one night and I thought - since I haven't blogged in a while; and I never seem to have posted any blog on my wip projects, I'd do a post on it this time. So here, this is a post on one of my mecha model kit wip(work in progress). The star of this post is the Armored Core Crest CR-C90U3 (Dual Face Version).

For the uninitiated, Armored Core is a popular console mecha game where players are allowed to customize virtually every aspect of their lean mean fighting machine. Although I personally have not played this game before, I find the mecha designs to be exquisite. The CR90U3, specifically the dual face version caught my heart the moment I saw it. Luckily XL-Shop carried one last box and I snatched it up, hiaks hiaks.

I'll have to say, when I started building the kit, I am swamped by the amount of parts that this kit offers! There's gotta be like 200? 300 parts? Gosh, imagine when I get to the Gundam PGs... my friend told me there's like 600 parts to those Gundam PGs!

Ok then, without further ado, let the pics speaks for itself.

My work bench is covered by parts from the kit. Those boxes at the right on the floor aren't junk, those are the parts of the kits as well. No room on the table liao!!

Close up look. Awww, ZakuSD, FreedomHead, Patlabor and VF-1S are watching tentatively over the 'production' of CR-903U.

See those small grey bolts, those are separate parts which have to be detached from the runners and snapped into the main part one-by-one!! And they're like 5mm in diameter each!!

That round bolt in front is not part of the bigger piece, it's a separate part!! ZMOG!!

This leg alone probly consists of aorund 30-50 parts. That's a lot to me.

Look at 'em joints! Gosh so much detail put into the design! Haha, you can also see clearly I haven't clean the stubs left by the runners.

Well, I've come to love the feeling of building model kits. Especially in a quiet night. I'd sit in the empty living room, my full concentration on constructing the kits. The world around me totally shut off from my consciousness. Part by part, slowly inching towards completion. >.< I am so glad I found this hobby! And I am deeply thankful, and greatly humbled by the people who brought this hobby to the peoples.

Next up, these lovely 1/144 Macross Valkrie replicas. <3!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Perfect World (完美世界) Event at TBun Genting Klang

The popular MMORPG (Massively Multi Player Online Role Playing Game) - Perfect World which is said to stand alongside World of Warcraft is going to get a English translation. (It was originally developed in Chinese). To spread news and hype, the company Cubisoft, which is responsible for the distribution of the game in Malaysia held a tour all around Malaysia.

My collegue Wayne , who is also a PW player took my attention to the event that they are going to organize at a place near to where we live. The event was held at a cyber cafe called TBun and is located in Genting Klang. There are competitions, lucky draws etc. After makan-ing at KFC with my collegue/junior (Wayne also happen to have studied in Inti and took the same course as me so that makes me senpai, muahaha. Right Wayne? =P)

Where ya lookin' at Wayne?

Gosh, those look... heavy! Mmmm, warrior babes... I wonder if...

Right now the English server is still not operational. Well Wayne, guess we'll have to wait. And John, hope your fire won't burn out before the server opens. Dang, I'll stay content with Pangya for now. =_="

World GameMaster Tournament (WGT) Malaysia 2007

The WGT was held from the 26th to the 28th of October 2007. Held at OneUtama shopping mall, not the most 'accesible' locale(due to the lack of LRT's, which is the bulk of transport most ppl use) compared to other more friendly locations like KL Convention Center or even the MidValley which the WCG 2007 was hosted.

Mmm, all orange. Me likes orange.

This happens to be the first ever WGT in Malaysia, and I'm a part of it... Well, at least the joining part, not the winning part. XD

I joined the competitions for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne of the torunament. Since the game's release 5 years ago, I've been casually playing it. From the campaign missions, to online play of customa maps, '3 Corridors' back when I was in INTI, to the recent Dota. Never have I really 'seriously' played the melee mode, up until now.

Moar orange

My Warcraft 3 sensei Hofa gave me some comprehensive teachings before the game. Alas, a few days of intensive training can't save this poor student. I was paired up with one of the top playes in Malaysia and was gracefully eliminated during the 32 player elimination round. And I even applied a one day annual leave from work for it! >.<

Well how can an event be without some booth babes eh? Haha, I was anticipating some sorts of booth babe since this is a sponsored event so I went there prepared with my trusty ol' Canon S5. Snaped some pics. Yes yes, I know my camera skillz are still lacking... I'll improve. Maybe.

Camo outfit + babe = win! She said its the first time she's representing a booth. No worries girl, you are stunning, bright future!

Woot, enjoy Intel 'Core 2 Duo'. Hiaks hiaks. I sure wouldn't mind '2 cores' runnin' on my 'pc'. Lol... =_=" Just jk, no offence ya? Ahh, it's good that this male monopolised event has some beauties to grace it's grounds.

Okay, perv jokes aside, all in all, it's been a refreshing experience. It has been quite some time since I've felt adrenalin pumping through my veins; and the chill that runs down my spine facing off with an opponent.

I will definitely want to join more competitions from now on.

Warcraft sensei Hofa. A hundred thanks for your guidance during the training man. We shall forge an alliance in future warfare.

"A Victory today, to be defeated tommorow.
   A Lost today, to be redeemed another day.
      Fight to live, live to fight."

- Hajime on The Fight

KAIYODO REVOLTECH: Macross VF-1S Roy Folker Movie Ver.

Yeah yeah, I know, the Jack Sparrow joke and the martial art move names are cheesy. So sue me. =P All in all, had a great time posing and photo-ing those Revos. God bless Katsuhisa Yamaguchi for comin' up with the Revoltechs. Stay tuned for ep 2. Hajime siging off!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Genting Trailblazer 2007

Received a sms about this from my adventure enthusiast friend when I was going home in the LRT. Before I even visit the website he sent me I already know I'm going to join. Dam I'm such a sucker for these adventure/nature things. >.<

Genting Trailblazer 2007

Race date: Sunday, 11th November 2007

Join in team of 2. The registration fee is a little steep though, 3 packages to choose:

- RM398 per team (RM199 per person) for the breakfast + run + room + dinner package.
- RM198 per team (RM 99 per person) for the breakfast + run package.
and finally a
- RM 48 per person dinner package for the friends and family who went to cheer for you.

I guess most people would be put off by the pricing, seems like the breakfast + run package is the most 'affordable'. But hey there are goody bags and most important of all, the chance to face off with other veterans, and totally p4wn them, muahaha.

Ok, you adventure nuts out there (with some $ to spare) go on and sign up now!

See you at the finishing line!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

WCG Malaysia 2007 Coverage part 2

Okay ladies and gents, as promised a few weeks ago (I know, I've been buzy lately), here is the second part of the WCG Malaysia 2007 coverage - Cosplay chapter!!

Well, this was my first time going around an event to take photos of cosplay gals. So as you can see, some of the pics have 'broken' lighting. I was quite nervous and excited that my hands shoke when I took the photos, I swear! >.<

Okay, enuf talk, let the show begin! (Not that there is much =P) Enjoy!

Cosplayers for the Gameflier booth. I think it's RO cosplay. I kinda 'tumpang' shot here, lolx.

Very elaborate, sexy and kinky Lineage II cosplay. The elven ears look kinda fake. But still cute ne~

Haha, caught them off guard. They had no choice but to let me take their photos.

Another Lineage II cosplay. Black version. The contraption behind her is not the background, it's a decoration stuck to her back! Isn't that heavy??

The Logitech gals!! Two pretties! I made a few rounds before finally collecting enuf guts to ask them for a shot. I was worried they'd decline but fortunately they nodded! My hands were shaking when I took their photos. No kidding!

Lol, ain't no cosplay. There was an Indian wedding exhibition just beside the WCG hall, thought I'd take some boke shots.

Okay, now that's a wrap for the cosplay chapter. Overall I liked the cosplayers in WCG Malaysia 2007. There were some other gals that I hoped to shoot, but you know, shy lah. Lolx.

Hopefully I'll get better in my photographing skills and bring more eye candy in future events. Hajime signing off!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Coldplay: Ballonacy

How I wish I was there with the one I love: As the audience screaming at the top of our lungs, for our favorite band; Or as the singer, singing for his beloved, and his beloved fans; Or just a kid, who only wants to play with the big yellow baloons.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Machines vs. Cute chix

During the Merdeka period, XL-Shop had a promotion on its old stocks. Mostly were completed figures of anime gals. The discount was around 40% to 50%. Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars, Katase and Glennoth from Stellvia, how can I resist! Negima figumate and the oh-so-kawaii Ana and Matsuoka from Ichigo Mashimaro. I won't go into details on the price I had to pay for these, let's just say it aint cheap! =ω=

Whole bunch of kawaii stuff...

As opposed to a whole lotta metal from my previos purchase... (Okay, Kosmos from Xenosaga dun seem to fit exactly well in this pic but she's a cyborg, which qualifies for mecha, kinda =P). Read from this post.

With this kinda erratic buying behavior, I'm starting to wonder myself, what will be my next bulk purchase?