Monday, December 24, 2007

Bukit Tinggi + Genting + Bohling = Win + 150% Tiredness

This post have excessive Photoshop filter effects, viewer discretion is advised

Yup, it's what the titles says. 2 major locale visits during the day; and 1 major 'workout' at night, all in one single day. It was fun, but exhausting (the fact that I was still recuperating from seasonal influenza didn't help too).

Me, Chee, Jane(Chee's gf), Chua and Beh headed off to Bukit Tinggi in the early mornin. Upon arrival, we visited the French Town. I'll spare you the more generic photos I took there and post some more, ahem, 'interesting' shots. I hope. Here's some (post edited) pic's. My my, I went Photoshop filter crazy this time. Do comments... if you hav any ;).



"Pine conezzzz"

I call this "Hidden picture". Observe =). Would it be better if I had not added that line-art-guy? I think so.

"In silence we wait" I kinda liked the original composition of this photo. 3 of my friends was seated seperately (You can see the head of the middle chair). I guess the effects kinda messed with the lights (left side too dark). And the shot seemed kinda 'cramped', dam, wish I had a wide angle lens. =_=

Wokeh, so after the French Town, we headed to the nearby Japan Gardens. We walked around and went to a 'jungle walk' which leads to an observation deck near the Japan Gardens. Again, I'll spare you the flora shots I took there and present you with some 'alternatives'.

"Wapanese Garden". Nuff said.



The 'end' of the jungle walk. Not one of the 'artsy' shots, just kinda like how the side canopies reveal the far scene.

Well, it was near noon when we left Bukit Tinggi and headed off to Genting.

Leaving Bukit Tinggi

Went to Gotong Jaya (foothills of Genting) to taste some special treats. You guys can go try out next time when you go to Genting.

Heh, my camera stayed inside my bag from there on. Since we are going into the casino, I left my camera in the car. Basically I just 'looked around' in the casino. I don't gamble in there. =P

At night, we went to Mid-Valley to bohling. There I bought my bohling shoes. No more wearing those 'public toilet' shoes, wahaha. Me hav own shuz. Me scorez 150++.

A very fulfilling day-out. Dam, I can do this 24*7*365. If only.


Anonymous said...

Great shots you have... you've got yourself a new camera?

- kvlum

Hajime said...

Yo man, nice to see you drop by =)

I've always been using the Canon S5 for all the shots in this blog.

Haha, not as great as yours man. Dam, I'm gonna link you up. K cheers.

lasilasi said...

love the captions! and the line art is cute too!! and the filter effects match the pictures well.

btw u mean Wapanese->Japanese aye?

Hajime said...

Thanks lasilasi =)

Haha, its Wapanese. =P Basically it means anything that is not genuinely japanese but tries to be. In this case the 'japanese garden' which is in malaysia (and imho in no way remotely similar to a real jap garden, lol).

lasilasi said...

so kah....

yay i learnt new word!!!

and "In silence we wait" is in which language? u r a language expert man!

heay said...

Nice pictures. Won't the Japanese Garden looks nicer if it is in it's original colour (i mean green colour)?

Hajime said...

Mmm, you would think so eh? So did I, untill I realize the beauty of monochrome.

I find that sometimes details shows better in black and white... at least that's what I think lolx.

Hajime said...

Haiii, so desu~!

Gack! I hope I was a language expert... but I'm not.

It's Italian. I was goin for the mafia kinda feel lolx.