Friday, September 21, 2007

Machines vs. Cute chix

During the Merdeka period, XL-Shop had a promotion on its old stocks. Mostly were completed figures of anime gals. The discount was around 40% to 50%. Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars, Katase and Glennoth from Stellvia, how can I resist! Negima figumate and the oh-so-kawaii Ana and Matsuoka from Ichigo Mashimaro. I won't go into details on the price I had to pay for these, let's just say it aint cheap! =ω=

Whole bunch of kawaii stuff...

As opposed to a whole lotta metal from my previos purchase... (Okay, Kosmos from Xenosaga dun seem to fit exactly well in this pic but she's a cyborg, which qualifies for mecha, kinda =P). Read from this post.

With this kinda erratic buying behavior, I'm starting to wonder myself, what will be my next bulk purchase?


☻★RB26♀DETT®☆☺™ said...

dun forget to leav a huge space for ur Dendobrium and GP03 oh~~

lasilasi said...

lol they are expensive stuff aye =p
i spent a lot in anime figurines even though i bought them in japan - i bought a whole set of inuyasha, full metal alchemist, one piece and random characters from naruto and bleach. cost me around rm40-50 for a set. bought 2 gundams too:
#016 - 1575yen around rm50
#030 - 4750yen around rm150
i dunno why another one is that expensive - my bf said he had been finding #30 since small lol... btw, he seldom read blog, and one day when i was reading yr police entry again he saw it, got excited and get me to send him yr blog add. later i saw him using yr police poster as his wall paper =p it might be good if u can watermark yr picture (i wanted to do so but i can't find a nice n free one yet =( )

Hajime said...

Lol, those figurines sure can dry the wallet reaall fast. But hey, whenever I see the figures of characters I like sometimes it makes me smile; sometime it gets me up and going.

Watermarking ahh... kinda lazy... maybe I'll write some script for Photoshop or something. Kaka.

seraphangel said...

you can bet Kosmos is metal alright, haha. Like when are you going to build your models up and take shots? Kinda sien just looking at the boxes over and over.