Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's tough. When one tries to follow 3 different anime at the same time.

I'm just so eager to get to the end of the current episode, so I can watch the other animes. Yet I don't wanna skip or miss any part of the episode that I am watching, so I sit through the whole 30 minutes. It's like waiting for the LRT when you're already late - you can only wait.

It's like a hike into the mountains. Before reaching the summit, you gotta conquer numerous mountain slopes. So you start off with the first slope, and you're dying to reach to the top of the current slope. When you finally conquered the current slope, you look up just to see another higher slope ahead of you. Rinse and repeat.

Oh my, watching anime is suppose to be fun, since when have I put watching anime in par with the hardships of conquering a mountain. At the end of the day, after speed-anime-watching, I can't even remember half of the things that have transpired in the anime. Which will cause me to re-watch the whole series. orz

First anime: Initial D
Me and my first-generation Proton Saga. Just like takumi and his AE86. =P

I was helping my frined 'chai bao' and 'jing mei' to move their room, when I stumbled upon his INITIAL D collection. Awesome, realized how much I've neglected my car. Now where can I learn drifting in Malaysia...

Second anime: Lucky Star
How I wish I'm Konata's oyaji XD

Lucky Star really reminds me of Azumanga Daoih, mainly because of their story telling. It is pretty much slow paced but lol, Lucky Star sure has some crazy moments. Especially when they take reference from Keroro or Haruhi. Literally burst into laughter when Konata a.k.a Legendary Girl A visited her local anime/manga shop. Hmm, won't it be nice if we had a shop like that in Malaysia. =ω=

Third anime: N/A (censored anime title)
Hsk hsk shk... daro.. ne?

Bla bla blahz... yadda yadda yaddaa... Zzzz... hmm, this anime is 13 episode long, and it involves... Lol, I'm not telling anything on the third anime... =P

Mmm, wholesome anime bliss. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, luckily though, Lucky Star is a running anime, which means I can only torrent in weekly; I'm nearing completion for the third anime, so now there's just INITIAL D to catch up. Gosh, it's really got me hooked. After watching it I started to pay attention to my clutch-gas pedalling. And looking at all the fast car, makes me wanna modify my Saga. Lol.

Now, let's see what other anime's are worth watching. Hsk hsk hsk.

This is what happens when you watch different anime together. Konata inherits Yui~nesan's mad driving skillz.


seraphangel said...

let me guess, the third anime is a hentai right? :D

Hajime said...

Lol, just coz it's marqueed doesn't mean it's hentai..

deksuteru said...

The last one is just priceless :D

Hajime said...

Hehe, XD.

TingTitLei said...

just a guess

hey finally someone who watches haruhi!

Hajime said...

Whoa, finally someone who watches BIBLE BLACK. 0_0"

Well, it ain't Bibile Black. Though I've watched it... ahem... a few times... XD