Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gunung Nuang Part 2

Gunung Nuang photos brought to you by the humble Hajime XD

The never-ending muddy path

Caught this guy hiding below some leaves.

Ancient bamboo. That's my climbing buddy - Tiong at the far end.

Giant millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas). Just when I was thinking to myself "Will I see it this time?" After a few steps, there it was!! They never fail to greet climbers in the jungles. Gives me a warm and welcoming feeling. ω_ω"

Me <3 bamboos. Gives off a serene and ancient feel.

A BUGs LIFE: Malaysia version.

Cute flowers.

Misty forest at the summit.


deksuteru said...

Great macro shots. Love the last misty forest shot as well, looks like a ghost movie hahaha

seraphangel said...

the beetle one was nice, misty forest is very mysterious too, nice :D
show some more! :D

Hajime said...

Thanks. I also like macro shots a lot. Hopefully can produce even better macros next time.

Hehe, yeah it's kinda creepy when trekking in the jungles alone with the mist. *Shivers*

iCalvyn said...

ur macro was "chun" leh...what model of camera you are using?

Hajime said...

Mm, thanks man. =)

Will provide more and better shots! >.<

Yeah you are right man, it's the Canon S5. The super macro mode helps a lot in taking those macros.

iCalvyn said...

awesome, cant imagine the S5 technology can come to nearly SLR effect...

clive said...

fuahh love the ant shoot !! 0cm marco !!! very nice

Hajime said...

Mmm, yeah, near SLR effect. Lol. If look closely in detail and full size then the difference becomes apparent.

Yeah, macro rulez! I just love to shoot small small things in details. >.<

宝茹 said...

Wow! The pictures are very beautiful~ :) My favorite is the misty forest. :)

Hajime said...

Mmm, glad you like em!

Weird huh, actually that is around mid afternoon, yet it's misty.. and cold!!

Sometimes I see these photos and it makes me wanna get my butt off the chair and just head back into nature!