Friday, August 17, 2007

Bowling with 'pang yau's at Mid Valley

The 'leng zai' ball that helped me score 150+ tat day. Yay mom, I did it!

Went bohling with my friends in Mid Valley last weekend. That was my first time entering 'Cosmic Bohl' of Mid Valley, was hoping to see the neon stuff but too bad lah, the day I went it was 'well lit'.

RB26-DETT and Jane. The '<3ly' couple.

Mmm, bohling, what can I say. It require certain amount of skills, and a whole dam lots of practice. You have to be gentle and smooth with the ball, can't hentam the ball. Like before making love... eh eh, I mean making a 'move' on a girl, have to take a deep breath, concentrate, picture the 'swing' in your mind, and when the mind and body meld into one, the moment is right... action! You let go of your 'cannon', and watch as your 'bullet' shoot forward, hopeful that it will hit the right 'spot' and cause an 'explosive strike'!

Quite lots of ppl, no leng lui in sight though, sigh.

Mmm, this bowling alley, not bad, if member, can get the lane first. Wah, feel so HONORED! Previously we go to other bohling alley have to write down name, and wait, and wait untill can sleep only get out turn.

The two 'leaders' of our team (Ah Beh with the orange ball, and JT). Always we 3 ppl againts them both, some time we have to loose to them sommore. Kaka.

Left: our score... not! The right hand side only is our score, lolx. Sipeh geng the fella, after strike last one was screaming of joy there. @#&%$!!

The 'art' of bohling, XD (That's me with the yeng zai ball and yeng poses)


johnathan said...

like the art of bowling, haha :D

Hajime said...

Lol, yeah my friend took the shots... I tot it'd be a 'waste' not to use them so I mash 'em up to make that. XD