Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Genting Trailblazer 2007

Received a sms about this from my adventure enthusiast friend when I was going home in the LRT. Before I even visit the website he sent me I already know I'm going to join. Dam I'm such a sucker for these adventure/nature things. >.<

Genting Trailblazer 2007

Race date: Sunday, 11th November 2007

Join in team of 2. The registration fee is a little steep though, 3 packages to choose:

- RM398 per team (RM199 per person) for the breakfast + run + room + dinner package.
- RM198 per team (RM 99 per person) for the breakfast + run package.
and finally a
- RM 48 per person dinner package for the friends and family who went to cheer for you.

I guess most people would be put off by the pricing, seems like the breakfast + run package is the most 'affordable'. But hey there are goody bags and most important of all, the chance to face off with other veterans, and totally p4wn them, muahaha.

Ok, you adventure nuts out there (with some $ to spare) go on and sign up now!

See you at the finishing line!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

WCG Malaysia 2007 Coverage part 2

Okay ladies and gents, as promised a few weeks ago (I know, I've been buzy lately), here is the second part of the WCG Malaysia 2007 coverage - Cosplay chapter!!

Well, this was my first time going around an event to take photos of cosplay gals. So as you can see, some of the pics have 'broken' lighting. I was quite nervous and excited that my hands shoke when I took the photos, I swear! >.<

Okay, enuf talk, let the show begin! (Not that there is much =P) Enjoy!

Cosplayers for the Gameflier booth. I think it's RO cosplay. I kinda 'tumpang' shot here, lolx.

Very elaborate, sexy and kinky Lineage II cosplay. The elven ears look kinda fake. But still cute ne~

Haha, caught them off guard. They had no choice but to let me take their photos.

Another Lineage II cosplay. Black version. The contraption behind her is not the background, it's a decoration stuck to her back! Isn't that heavy??

The Logitech gals!! Two pretties! I made a few rounds before finally collecting enuf guts to ask them for a shot. I was worried they'd decline but fortunately they nodded! My hands were shaking when I took their photos. No kidding!

Lol, ain't no cosplay. There was an Indian wedding exhibition just beside the WCG hall, thought I'd take some boke shots.

Okay, now that's a wrap for the cosplay chapter. Overall I liked the cosplayers in WCG Malaysia 2007. There were some other gals that I hoped to shoot, but you know, shy lah. Lolx.

Hopefully I'll get better in my photographing skills and bring more eye candy in future events. Hajime signing off!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Coldplay: Ballonacy

How I wish I was there with the one I love: As the audience screaming at the top of our lungs, for our favorite band; Or as the singer, singing for his beloved, and his beloved fans; Or just a kid, who only wants to play with the big yellow baloons.