Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baby Hamster + Brocolli = Uber cuteness!!!

Found this through Yahoo! Video. I don't know about you but this is just too cute!!!! XD I mean look at her! Her head is the same size with her body! Maybe even bigger! LOL!!!

Seems like the baby hamster's name is Mocha. Notice how she eats everything except for the the broccoli stem, mayb her teeth is not developed yet... or she is choosy in her veggies like me - eat the leaves but leave the stem of vegetables. =P

Haha, the 'feet-flipping' really made me LOL + "Awww, so dam cute! Sheet!". All lifeforms in their baby state sure is kawaii ne~


Notebooks said...

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seraphangel said...

holy, it's so cute, just like some anime character!!

Hajime said...

Ain't it? Lol. Like a clump of furball. Haha.