Friday, March 21, 2008

Sony PSP-2000 MG (PlayStation Portable Slim Mint Green) FTW!!!

Yeah baby! Just bought me self a PSP slim last week. As you can see from the pic, I bought the recently released Mint Green PSP. Sweet ain't it? >o< It has that 'minty' feel to it alright. Makes me wanna bite it like a chewing gum or something, lol.

The 'colour-ed' PSP is part of the aptly named 'BLUME' series introduced by Sony which consist of several soft pastel colour. These colour include 'Felicia Blue', 'Rose Pink', 'Lavender Purple' and also 'Mint Green'. I guess Sony is trying to project a 'flowery' feel to these PSPs coz BLUME somes same to BLOOM. You know, like flower blooming? Okay, nevermind =_=", so now instead of the 'Piano Black', 'Ceramic White' and 'Ice Silver', people have a wider choice. I guess if you have enough money, you can buy all colours and do match-n-mix with your clothes.

Sony's signature console buttons Triangle, Square, Circle and Cross are reincarnated on the PSP. The top L/R buttons are cool transparent!

Here you have your digital movement keys and the analog joystick. Oh, and notice the glittery-sparkly finishing.

Green body, green theme. (But can set to other colour also lah.)

Actually I was poisioned by Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. It's a PSP game focusing on the prologue of the PS One Final Fantasy VII. But now, I'm playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 more than FFVII:CC. Here is a pic of a in-game real-time cut scene of MHF2. I have to say, I am dam impressed that a small device like this can churn out real-time 3D graphics like that.

Now I bring this baby wherever I go. In my morning trips on the LRT, I'll be staring at the 480x272 wide screen slashing dinos and collecting ores. Dam, makes me miss checking-out the babes on the LRT, lol.


deksuteru said...

damn makes me wanna get one.
How much was it?

Hajime said...

It sure is one fine piece of technology. Personally is now one of my few 'investments' in gadgets that i think is worthwhile. =)

When I bought it, it was around RM 8XX which came with the accesories n stuff. I think bare body is around RM 6XX nearing 700?

Haha, get one get one! Sure won't regret! =P

lasilasi said...

damn i m lost in yr nihongo captions =p

Hajime said...

Teehehe... I purposely put it to 'confuse' readers hiaks hiaks. =P

Treat it like reading a nihongo manga, just c the pictures... haha.

Sachiko said...

I think the SOMEBODY SAVE ME in Japanese that you translated is wrong. lol

It's suppose to be , 誰か私を助けて〜
保存 is more like "Saving a File" or to "Keep safely"

haha sorry, I just wanted to let u know!


Hajime said...

Haha, thanks for the correction and you don't have to apologize. Being corrected of our wrong doings is how we grow and mature!

Haha, I don't know japanese much actually, just the simple words and phrases that keeps repeating in anime. For complex sentences like those in this post I use google translate. Mayb next time I need something in Jap I can ask you to do it hahaha.