Thursday, March 13, 2008

Canon S5 Reborned! Canon S5 IS + LAH-DC20 = FTW!!!!

"I should've bought this wayyy earlier!". That's what I told myself when I plugged in the Canon LA-DC58E lens adapter and Canon LH-DC40 lens hood. I don't know about you but DAM, my S5 IS just grew more fierce! That's Rawrrr for you!!

Why I dint get this baby earlier? That's cause I was waiting for my credit card to order this online: Lensmate METAL adapters. (btw, didn't know S5 had a silver colour...) Yeah, Lensmate adapters are metal while the Canon one is tadaaa - plastic. Ugh... what gadget still uses plastic nowadays?

But luckily it still looks dam yeng and dam cool. Lol. Check out the comparison pics below. Dam, I'm loving my Canon S5 IS even moar. *Hugzzz Canon S5 IS*

And why did I suddenly bought it? Coz I was goin into the mountains again, so wanted protection for the S5 prime lens. The adapter allows a filter to be applied, thus protecting the prime lens.

Oh and btw, I'm taking these shots using my Nokia 6260 VGA cam. =_=" So yeah lots of noise n stuff. LOLx! Unbearable photo quality!


It's all about the looks

Canon S5 IS before and after 'facelift'. Dam, I thought those were two DIFFERENT cameras, lol. Right pic... now that's what I call mean! Notice in the left pic, the prime lens is exposed COMPLETELY! No protection what so ever. But with the adapter, filter and hood, the prime lens is now under some pretty good defense.

Top view and side view. Haha, when I showed it to my friend TeeHu he thought it was a lens at first glance, then only he knew "it's just a piece of glass", Lol.

This is how the baby looks like mounted on a (cheapo) tripod. Quite yeng also.


Feel and function
Well, this is the overall look of the S5 on a tripod. The tripod seems to spoil the canggih-ness of the canon S5 now... let's see how it will look like once I get my hands on the Manfrotto Modo tripod. Hiaks hiaks.

Well, looks aside, the adapter do add quite a lot of 'functionality' to the S5. The first thing I noticed is that the grip is now wayyy better. The elongated nozzle now allows my left hand something to 'hold on' to while shooting. Really helps when I have a big hand.

Then of course there's the versatility of filter lenses to be used. All the UV, ND, Polarizing and what not. For me it's just a plain UV protective lens. May probably go into those other lenses in the future ;).

The S5 has become moar 'durable' and +50 confidence to the user while taking photos. Definitely a must-have for S5 users. ( Why am I writing like I'm doing a review? Wait... am I? ) We'll see how this gadget effects my shooting. Till next time, cheerio!

Hood skrews onto Filter> Filter Skrews onto Adapter> Adapter snaps onto body. Voila!


lasilasi said...

WOWWW looking very tokkong man!! cant wait to see the difference!

lasilasi said...

will appreciate if can see the comparison of shooting with and without the tokkong lens =p

and how much ar??

Hajime said...

Haha, probly wont be much difference coz basically it's a UV filter. Mayb better (or worse?) when shooting in daylight?

But good suggestion, I'll try to make some comparison shots. Then post up here.

Anonymous said...

Man, Your lingo sounds retarded...
lolz,moar *hugz*....etc


miko said...

Haha. I have S3 IS and I bought it together with the adapter&hood. As soon as I plugged the adapter onto the camera I never put it down. It handles better and it looks MUCH better.