Friday, September 21, 2007

Machines vs. Cute chix

During the Merdeka period, XL-Shop had a promotion on its old stocks. Mostly were completed figures of anime gals. The discount was around 40% to 50%. Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars, Katase and Glennoth from Stellvia, how can I resist! Negima figumate and the oh-so-kawaii Ana and Matsuoka from Ichigo Mashimaro. I won't go into details on the price I had to pay for these, let's just say it aint cheap! =ω=

Whole bunch of kawaii stuff...

As opposed to a whole lotta metal from my previos purchase... (Okay, Kosmos from Xenosaga dun seem to fit exactly well in this pic but she's a cyborg, which qualifies for mecha, kinda =P). Read from this post.

With this kinda erratic buying behavior, I'm starting to wonder myself, what will be my next bulk purchase?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rubik's cube: The old; and the new.

Got this new cube at Toys 'r' us Midvalley while waiting for my friend Hofa in his WC3 tourny during WCG Malaysia 2007.
RM30 in exchange for brain exercise.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

WCG Malaysia 2007 Coverage part 1

The World Cyber Games Malaysia was held in Mid Valley on the 8th and 9th of September. For those of you who haven't heard of the WCG, it is the Olympics for computer games. Just like the Olympics with it's many sporting competition, the WCG feature many games in which players compete with each other for the coveted championship.

Every participating country will hold national competitions to find the best player to be sent for the finals. This year, the finals will be held in Seattle, USA. Imagine, if you become the national champion for the game that you are competing in, you are SPONSORED to go to Seattle, USA!! How cool is that! FOC trip!!

Anyways, this year, my college-mate/friend Hofa joined the Warcraft 3 game competition He came all the way from Johor, so he bunked at my rented place in KL for the duration of the 2 day competition. I tagged along and tried to cover the event as he fought in the cyber arena.

Wayyyy to many PCs! Pull the plug at the mains for the ultimate WCG terrorism.

The schedule of WCG was quite early. When we reached Mid Valley around 9 a.m. the venue was already filled with participants. I never thought gamers wake up so early! (At least not me, always gamin' till the late of night =P ).

Participants waiting for the opening ceremony. They are either discussing strategies...

...or saying this, in a co-ordinated voice. Okay okay, so not all of them are WC3 players.
But seriously WCG Malaysia, no-custom key policy for WC3, what kind of crap is that!?

I'm not sure about the other games, but they have a really dumb-ass shit rule about not allowing Warcraft 3 players to use custom shortcut keys. For now, I'll just say it is nonsense. More on this issue in the coming post.

The performance stage of WCG 2007

Well, after the doors finally opened, everyone went into the exhibition/performance hall. Most people went to the stage area to await the opening ceremony. I was hopin for some hawt action but boy, it was boring. Started out with the typical speeches, which is then followed by some shuffle dance by a dance group called M.A.D. Talk about madness, why'd they even let a three-male-ONE-female group dance in an event where 99% of the participants are GUYS! WCG Malaysia, hot girls dancing in 2008 please. (No offence to the dancers lah =P ) I was quite dis-interested that I din even bother to snap any photos... lolx.

Walking around, mostly are sponsors booths like Samsung, Logitech, Intel, etc. There were LCD's on demo, and more notable the Nintendo Wii for demo play. The most elaborate booth was the Lineage II booth. They even had a rock band corner where various local indie band performed.

Uhh, one of the live band in the Lineage II booth. This indian singer seem like to scream a lot =_="

I grooved to the live music, and took quick constant glimpes at the cosplay/booth girls as I played Lineage II on their demo pc's... gosh, some snacks and better air-conditioning will be better. Lolx. Geek!!!

Did I say cosplay girl? Yes I did, oh yes indeed I did... coming up in part 2? XD

"Don't use me as bait wokeh?"

Wah, Channel [V] leh! WCG Malaysia 2007 is worthy of appearing in a slot of Channel [V]?

Well, all in all, I rather enjoyed the whole event. It surely wasn't as grand as the real WCG, but I kinda got a taste of it. After going through with the event, it made me feel like wanting to join the fight next year. If you are a gamer, never heard of WCG, and want to know more, check out the main WCG site, and our local Malaysia WCG site.

Keke, mayb in the next post? ;)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I need it, yeah.

They actually work, those words on the little stick up notes. I probably need more.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Negaraku ku ku ku

Follow up to NameWee's Negarakuku. Lolx. Peoples just can't get tired of this.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

KAIYODO REVOLTECH:Patlabor Ingram AV-98-2

Woohoo! Finally got my first REVOLTECH figure! Ladies and gents, here's REVOLTECH figure no.14 - Patlabor Ingram AV-98-2. For the uninitiated, this mecha is from the anime series "Patlabor" (which is a short form of 'Patrol Labor'). The anime revolves around Noa Izumi with the cast, and the various Patlabors in their daily routine of curbing crimes.

REVOLTECH figure's main attraction is in their renowned ball joints. With the specially designed ball joints, owners can pose the figure in many 'fashionable' ways. When I took the photos of the Patlabor, I had a lot of fun posing the figure in so many ways. Well, check em out!

Box art

Package contents

Watch out yo' I've got me'self a big arse shotgun!

Patlabor:"Dam, I am too cool."

Flying kick.

Wow, so many poses. Me likes!

Now for some fun. =P